Seattle Wedding Venues

Here is a list of the latest wedding venues in Seattle, Washington.

seattle wedding venues photo

Seattle is one of the best wedding markets in the United States, due to its proximity to natural beauty and old-world architecture.
Here is one of the best Seattle wedding venues, the Edgewater Hotel. This hotel was built in 1962 for the World Fair and even had the Beatles stay during their 1964 US tour. It makes for a great historic building to hold your vows. It is also on the waterfront, making it easy to get to all of the popular portrait locations in the Seattle harbor area.

Other Venues

Other great options are the public park at gasworks, or the beautiful industrial building SoDo Park. These are a few of the most popular venues in Seattle, for good reason. They show the grit of Seattle’s industrial past. If you’re looking for a venue, don’t forget to do a walk through around the time of your ceremony and note the light, then also check it after dark and see how it looks all lit up. These are important aspects that will affect the feeling of your day.