What is wedding invitation etiquette?

The mood for wedding will be set with the selection of the wedding invitation cards. You should be aware of the wedding etiquette which conveys information about what, when and how about wedding cards. If you are going through the jargon for the first-time, it might be difficult to understand. As you go through the etiquette presented here, you will be advised on various aspects and there will be highest level of efficiency in delivering the goods.

Selection of cards

The wedding cards that you select will convey your style in the best possible way. There will not be any pressure in sending invitation to guests when you are aware of the protocol and traditional norms. You will want to visit various stationary places to purchase the most appropriate goods for your needs.

As a matter of fact, you should send out invitations at least 6 to 8 weeks before the wedding. The guests should have sufficient time to make their mind and to present at the venue without fail. If you are sending invitations to distant locations, they should be sent at least 3 months before so that the participants will make travel arrangements in a very convenient way. You can also give more time for guests and family members (as far as 6 months) so that there will be better planning which leads to smooth travel arrangements.

If guests are required to attend several weddings, you should follow ‘save the dates’ campaign. The save the date cards can be sent at least 6 to 8 months before the big day. It is very common that thank you cards are presented as a token of appreciation. These are hand-written cards which should be sent within two months after the wedding ceremony.

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What should you send?

The sneak peak of the wedding is offered in the form of ‘save the dates’. You can make an engagement announcement as well in this manner. You will let you know the style and mood of the wedding through the ‘save the dates’ cards. The design should be in tune with the wedding invitation. When you select a unique design, recipients will be able to relate the origin of the card immediately. Thus, branding can be done at various levels to make the most of your wedding. ‘The save date card’ should convey the message that formal invitation would follow. You can convey the message about the location of the wedding as well such as the State and country so that guests will assess the travel arrangement requirements.

The main wedding invitation should be present within the envelope. You can also include the response card, and other enclosures as per your needs. The name and address of the invitee should be present on the outside envelope. The invitation should be very specific. If kids are included, you should mention their names as well. If you are inviting another person along-with the guest, you can include plus one beside the name of the invitee. The written address should be mentioned on the back flap of the envelope.

Wedding invitation

The wedding invitation comprises information about bride, bridegroom and the hosting party. It should include the location, date and time. The text should be minimum on the card so that there will be better clarity. The overall design of the card will be lost if there is too much inclusion of RSVP info and website addresses.

The words used for the invitation will reflect your style, mood and culture. As long as the recipient will feel good and appreciate your card, there will not be any issues. You can take the help of your family and friends before penning down the content on the wedding card.

The RSVP should have ‘reply by’ date so that it will help you figure out the head count so that the caterer will be able to prepare food as per your needs. The seating arrangement should be finalized 2 to 3 weeks before the wedding day. If multiple people are invited for the wedding, you should add a line to figure out the number of people who will turn out for the wedding.

You can also include enclosure cards which will have additional information should as location, directions, map and accommodation details. You should order thank you cards in advance so that you will be able to send them in time after the marriage.